This kind and caring motorcyclist stops cars to help a small cat on the street
The biker stops the motorcycle to save the kitten from the highway. Confused kitten lay in the middle of the highway and only the kind biker stopped to
Moose becomes so close to the man who saved her, that visits him almost every day
This man once saw a poor moose was laid down nearby and saved her. Erikas Plukas, who lives in Lithuania, once noticed a living creature lying at his
These two wonderful animals, fox and dog, sharing their destiny the become friends
These two different animals became best, inseparable friends. The friendship between two different species is so amazing, especially the bond between a dog and a fox. These two
Shocking scene: when rescuers pull a baby dolphin out of the net, its mother jumps out of the water for joy
This dolphin is grateful to the rescuers for rescuing its baby. The touching story is about the gratitude of the dolphin when her cub was released from the
Maternal instinct: this caring dog begins to take care of 2 little Siberian tigers as a mother
This dog is capable to take care of these wonderful creatures. Dogs are caring and wonderful mothers not only for their children, but also for all other orphans
The good shepherd begins to make friends with the calf that survived from the slaughterhouse
The calf was rescued slaughterhouse and befriended with the dog. A beautiful couple decided to adopt a calf. The mother of this calf was sold to a slaughterhouse.
This naughty puma gets rid of the zoo and starts living in kind owners’ house as a pet
This man shares small apartment with a huge puma. Alexander and Maria from Penza share their small apartment with a huge cougar named Messy. The beloved wild animal
Indescribable company of Siberian tigers and German shepherds amazes everyone
Between these different species arose an amazing friendship. Wildlife is beautiful, especially Siberian tigers, which amaze us with their beauty. But the fact that they can be friends
An indescribable closeness between a giant lion and a small dog admires everyone
Maybe you can’t imagine a friendship between a huge lion and a little dachshund. The friendship between twodifferent types is so unusual yet so amazing. It is hard
The little squirrel’s loyalty shocks everyone, she returns to the family that saved her
This squirrel-Bella became best friend of the kind person who rescued her. When we talk about the friendship of animals and people, we first of all imagine the