A caring woman did not leave her horse for a minute when an animal weighing 900 pounds stuck in the mud

By the time of the arrival of the rescue team, both the horse and owner were tired.

After her beloved horse got confused in silt, the young mother waited with him for more than three hours.

In the end, the horse was saved after a round-the-clock race on a rapidly rising sea.

Initially, the heroic mother was able to save her daughter and another horse.

For this team, a mother and daughter and their two horses, a trip on the beach turned into a nightmare.

Nicole Graham rode on Astro, a 17-year-old horse, and her daughter Paris on a smaller horse.

When the big animals became entangled in muck.

Mom rushed to save her daughter and horse out of desperation.

By the time of the arrival of the rescue team, both the horse and its owner were tired.

Fortunately, after a soothing Astro, they were able to pull him to a safe place.

«It was frightening. Seeing how my horse was fighting was very unpleasant», said the Geelong Advertiser woman.

«There was dirt everywhere, and every movement dragged me back.” He refused to let us leave».

The horse was saved thanks to the efforts of the firefighters who collaborated with the veterinarian and local farmer.

Fortunately, Astro was not injured and just dehydrated!

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