Careful cats and dogs helped return to the life of a kitten, which was a three-day baby

She weighed only 82 grams and was the size of a newborn kitten.

Fiona, a-day kitten, was delivered to Hamilton Humane (Indiana) as a loner, which is in need of help.

She weighed only 82 grams and was the size of a newborn kitten.

Kelsey Minier, a rescue volunteer, took her to her and began to take care of her around the clock.

«She had an infection of the upper respiratory tract, but she was too few to be treated», Kelsey said to the shelter.

They warmed and fed a small striped kitten, and also provided additional care.

Fiona began to gain weight and strength, and in the end she grabbed the bottle.

Everything went smoothly for several days before suddenly worsened.

«She began to lose energy and stopped eating.

The next day we took her to the veterinarian of the shelter.

They examined it and made an X-ray, but could not find a real solution.

We were given antibiotics, a minimum amount, possible due to its size», Kelsey said in the news.

Kelsey continued to feed the kitten from the syringe, as her cat and dog companions provided constant emotional support.

On that day, Fiona was strong enough to rise and again make a bold attempt to eat from the bottle.

«She suddenly snapped and drank more than two days in two days.

We sobbed. We were beside ourselves with joy», said Kelsey Love Meow about this.

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