A rare event in this family with the birth of a child: it was really incredible coincidence

The news about this child has spread around the world.

On the first day of July, when this boy was born, everyone was amazed.

Because it turns out that he and his father were born on the same day.

But it turned out that not only this case is unique.

In the fall of 2016, the epards learned that their family was expecting a child.

“We recently moved to a new house. Perhaps stress influenced the date of birth of our son, ”Connor says about the premature birth of a child.

We were at the appointment with the doctor on June 30, a planned examination and ultrasound.

The doctor finished the examination and said: «You must go to the hospital, I think the birth began».

Connor informed this news to his grandfather on the phone. But before that, he asked her to sit down first.

It turns out that Grandfather Connor, James Morriset, now great -grandfather, was also born on July 1!

“We learned about pregnancy in the fall, an approximate date-the beginning of July, for which it would be good if all three had a birthday in the same day».

«It’s just amazing. It’s great that now my son has joined my grandfather».

The child was named Boden Matthew James Eppard in honor of his grandfather James Morrisette.

«Connor and his grandfather are friends, and this will bind them even stronger. When Boden was born on July 1, it was just an additional gift», adds Jordin.

The news about this child has spread around the world at the speed of a forest fire.

After all, the probability of such a coincidence is 1 to 33,374, or 0.0029%, according to Mathematics Professor Dr. Ben Dir.

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