Popular app had shown famous stars look after 30 years

We present your attention to an interesting project which makes a breathtaking observation.

Just take a short look into lovely actors look after around 30 years.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron rejects any interventions and prefers to get old in a natural way. Now she is 50 years old and in 2022 she returned to Hollywood again.

Robert Pattison

36 years old British actor, mostly known for Saga ”Twilight” and ”Harry Potter” can be this much kind grandpa after 30 years.

Emma Watson

Dear, dear Hermione! Hello! Probably everyone who has ever seen ”Harry Potter” will miss Emma as a little smart girl acting like the best friend of Harry Potter. Once she was 11 and started her career today she is 32.

Timothee Chalamet

The extremely attractive, charming, and courageous boy started his acting career in 2017, however, he received already ”Golden Globe”, ”Bafta”, ”Oscar” and many other nominees. Isn’t it cool? Let’s pretend he is an old man.

Ann Hathaway

40 years old Ann prefers a healthy life. She never tried any interventions or injections, but still, looks like as fresh and adorable. It is hardly possible to see her like a granny.

Lady Gaga

36 years old singer songwriter and actress has a very outrageous style and image. After some failure, she became as popular as it was ever possible. So we offer to look after her after 30 years.

Drew Barrymore

Natural aging is her vocation. Welcome Drew, you are always stunning and amazing. The popular app from the NET imagines you exactly like this after 30 years.

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