Mom-cat feels happy when her kittens are in good hands, and turns into a fluffy big hugger

This cute and beautiful cat turned into a giant fluffy hug.

The cat left her shell, knowing that her babies were in good hands. She turned into a giant fluffy hug.

Best Friends Felines, a shelter for cats from Brisbane, Australia, received a very timid cat.

She was pregnant, scared and refused to let anyone in.

Estee, a cat, is gradually used to the concept of contact with time and tolerance.

«When she did this, it was obvious that she liked when she was stroked, because she purred and let her drool, clutching her head to my fingers.

However, she suffered patting only when she was high», she shared the news of Felines.

On Tuesday, Estee began to fight on the toilet table.

She did not allow anyone to move her four kittens to a cozy nursery.

Her receiving guardian remained nearby to ensure their security, developing a strategy to lower them to Earth.

Estee’s mother became calmer and was no longer afraid to grow her kittens on the ground floor.

She was also ready to leave her baby in the care of others.

«I can’t believe how much Estee has changed in just a few weeks. She turned from a cat who did not allow you to touch her, in a cat who wants to kiss and stroking whenever she sees you».

Estee felt like a new cat after two operations to remove all teeth due to an extensive dental illness, and she came out of her shell even more.

She was glad of warm knees on which one could sit, and the human mothers who made her a company.

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