This man is a unique architect: he always disappeared in the forest to build a house there

The young Cypriot chose home improvement in nature as a way to relax.

The process of urbanization in the civilized world is global.

Throughout the world, the number of citizens significantly exceeds the rural population.

But nevertheless, the need for nature and solitude lives in man, because the videos of lovers of artisanal crafts gain millions of views on the network.

This time he suggests looking at a comfortable forest canoe equipped in Cyprus.

Bush craft or the art of survival in nature using improvised means and know-how, transmitted from generation to generation, attracts more and more youth.

The change of scenery from a noisy city to the silence of nature relieves stress in itself, and, coupled with intense physical work and an interesting task, makes itself completely updated.

His task was to build a canoe from what the mother nature gives. For his home, he took care of a hill of clay near a tree.

As building materials for walls, the man used dry wood, as well as homemade bricks made of dump clay. He put the roof on branches and grass.

And for more comfort and warmth, he built a stone hearth in the shelter, it is also convenient to cook food there.

The first night was marked by a dangerous neighborhood, the forester woke the company of wild pigs.

Apparently, a dugout is equipped in their way.

The camera captured at least three animals.

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