Wonderful photos: this is how warm and close the interaction of family children and animals can be

Children have unique and pure relationships with their favorite pets.

Friendship between pets and children seems to be the most natural and obvious. Indeed, the connection between them is so pure that it is impossible not to revere it.

Here are 13 photos that show the extraordinary relationship that can exist between children and their cats, dogs and other companions.

A photo that is impossible to look at without smiling, as big as these 2 friends.

A small child does not necessarily understand that owning a dog means taking care of it. For him, the animal is an object of interest and a playmate.

But he can gain a sense of responsibility by taking care of his new friend. Obviously, parents should participate in this, setting an example and setting certain tasks for the child: feed the dog, comb his hair, take out the pot, etc.

The presence of an animal can also soothe a child and help them develop a better personality. After all, he will have to.

Learn to be more calm so as not to transfer your nervousness to the animal.

Be patient as the ways of communication between the two species are very different.

Direct your energy so as not to harm your companion.

Friendship can have a number of other positive effects. A puppy can also learn a lot from a young person. His protective instinct will develop over time, and he will learn to react differently depending on the situation.

For example, in the presence of a child, he will be playful and affectionate, but less conciliatory in front of a stranger.

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