What a wonderful creature: a happy gecko has just had his own toy why he greatly pleased

This cute beautiful gecko looks exactly like Pokemon.

They are united by one thing: they are both charming!

This gecko is the name of Kohaku. He is not just an ordinary gecko; He is the happiest gecko. Everyone who sees him wants to smile at him!

Some may wonder why he always smiles, and the answer is his toy gecko, whom he loves so much. It is not clear who gave him this charming toy, but one thing is clear: he adores his mini-too!

They are even friends, and gecko will not go anywhere without his close companion. It is almost unbearably cute that he loves a toy like a child!

In the photographs below, you can see the invaluable and contagious smile of Kohaku when he became attached to his mini!

Kohaku, the happiest geckon in the world.

These two are undoubtedly the best friends.

They are simply inseparable.

They will always cause a smile on your face.

Take a look at the wink of Kohaku.

Enjoy your day with a smile of Kohaku.

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