Sweet friendship: a harsh puppy made friends with a calf, whom he saw on the street, and brought him with him

He did not have enough friends, so he had to go and find him and bring him home.

Looking at the happy expression of the puppy’s face, he should be very proud to present this new friend to his family.

This Labrador, like all friendly puppies, loves walks and adventures and always strives to make friends with all neighbors.

However, this passion seems too strong, and it becomes difficult to cope with it, because it begins to bring new friends home. He, as usual, walked around the family farm, but when he returned home, he was accompanied by calves. These two new friends were waiting for his mother to open the door in front of the house.

The woman quickly heard the noise and opened the door, after which the puppy shone and immediately began to wag its tail, as if I thought that it would be nice to imagine my new best friend to my mother and try to persuade her to let him into the night.

«No, no, no» the mother said decisively. We have no guests. Today we are not doing this! She seems to be used to the fact that the four -lacked boy constantly leads home new friends!

The cow looked embarrassed when he realized that he was not happy here. Uncle Labrador, on the other hand, persistently convinced his mother to let his friend let in. Perhaps she is worried that her house will soon become a zoo, so she was determined to reject all the new friends of her son!

We are not sure that this time he will be able to convince his mother, but with his friendly character and love of communication, he will definitely not stop bringing new friends home!

Animals almost always know how to surprise us. This dog clearly wanted a new friend and was also concerned. We hope they found to whom the calf belonged.

This dog is so smart that he loves everything! Bless him and his friends.

See the wonderful moment here:

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