This is great: this cute bear sits and rests, how people do it on a soft sofa

This story shows how animals also love home comfort.

Perhaps in the erroneous ideas of many people, bears are unpleasant and inconspicuous animals, perhaps the photo below will change your opinion!

When Mandy Stantik visited a landfill in the Northern Manitoba, she noticed something that inspired her to go after the camera. At first, she suggested that this is a strange man who fell apart on a broken sofa, but, as she looked, in fact there was a bear!

Despite the fact that the bears can often be seen on landfills, you rarely see a bear who behaves like a man who came from work only wants to relax after a long day in the office, relaxing on the sofa while his wife is preparing dinner. Even a broken TV stood in front of him. He is ready for a popular television show!

The bear is lounging in a rather similar to the human pose, crossing one leg to the other and putting one hand on the armrest. The station was very interesting to know if he copies this pose of man.

The stamp suggests that he might feel at ease after luxurious food. Nothing can compare with a vacation on the couch after a delicious dinner. Perhaps people are more like bears than we think!

When this photograph was published, it caused a large stream of love for this charming bear from animal lovers around the world.

I can’t help but love this bear …!

Even animals want to take place to feel comfortable!

This bear, obviously, knows how people relax, and now you will need your own TV and remote control.

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