What a cute scene: the rescued lion, tiger and bear became wonderful friends for more than 15 years

These friends appear only in fairy tales, but they are real friends.

Nothing can separate them; They are together for 15 years!

This is the story of the African Leo (Leo), Bengalsky Tiger (Cher Khan) and the Black Bear (Balu), which were saved in 2001. All three animals desperately need help.

Fortunately, the Noah’s ark in the animal shelter in the locust grove, Georgia, saved them. Noah’s ark is a refuge of 250 acres for animals. This is a non -profit organization, designed to give animals unconditional love, unconditional ministry, future and hope. They have more than 1,500 animals of more than 100 different species.

Saved fluffy guys are unlikely to survive in the wild, because they are unfamiliar with everything, so they get a lot of attention from the staff!

Employees predicted that as they grow up, they would need to be separated, but this day did not come. They are constantly together, comforting each other and finding joy and security in each other!

Unfortunately, Leo died in 2016. In 2018, Cher Khan followed Leo on a rainbow bridge.

The staff comforted the ball, who never separated from his friends, except during the operation to remove the harness. They take care that he is never alone, and give him attention and love!

At least they had a great time together after they were saved!

Thank you for keeping these 3 connected friends together and live their lives. We people can learn a lot from this story that three different species accept each other.

Two brothers in heaven must still look after the ball and bless him!

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