What a great story: this little dog became a dentist’s assistant and helped people relax

The dog acted as an anti-stress for people who came to the dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry Smile On Nashville (Tennessee, USA) has hired the most beautiful dentist. French Bulldog Peavy accompanies his owner to help patients relax during their appointment.

It is known that visiting the dentist is not a trifle. At Smile On Nashville, Jeff Tremblay now has a very special team. This is his French Bulldog, 2 years old.

Some time ago, the patient had problems with relaxation during the reception. Then the dentist offered him a company.

“We gave him Tiny, he was able to relax. He let us treat him and it was because of Tiny,” she told Daily Paws.

The health worker started bringing his four-legged companion to the office when he was 6 months old, instead of leaving him alone at home all day. However, the puppy was crying in the owner’s office. He clearly wanted to be close to the staff and patients.

Jeff Tremblay built a cozy nest for him behind the reception desk where he could watch everyone come and go. But the dentist quickly realized that his furry friend could be of great help to patients.

“They saw Tiny and started asking if he could come with them,” the owner explained. For many, going to the dentist can be stressful.

While some use a variety of distraction and relaxation methods, from music to jewelry, others, like Jeff Tremblay, use their pets.

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