What a cute scene: this cat cheered up a lonely puppy which was looking for his owners

 What a cute scene: this cat cheered up a lonely puppy which was looking for his owners

This caring cat comforted a poor creature which was left alone.

The cat was caught on camera comforting the poor creature left alone after his owners were forced to leave him, showing their kindness.

In the most difficult cases, miraculous testimonies explain how much animals care for each other. Fortunately, both the kitten and the puppy have quite a positive ending!

This adorable puppy was found roaming the building where he lived for almost six months. His caregivers were too close to retirement age and unwell to care for themselves, so they were placed in a nursing home. Unfortunately, they weren’t actually allowed to take their dog, so they had to leave him alone. However, a devoted dog was waiting for their arrival at any time of the day or night.

The grieving dog was noticed by the locals, and some of them even treated him to food, but the most touching case occurred when one of the homeowners noticed a feral kitten that hugged a lonely dog ​​and expressed support for her.

The cute kitty wrapped her little paws around the sad puppy’s neck, as if to say: “Don’t be afraid, your family members will find you in the end!”

While the kitten is wary of people, the dog is quite outgoing. “They don’t both leave here looking at the same thing”, the neighbor said. “But the craziest thing is that almost every time people walk by, the dog tries to look everyone in the face, unlike the cat, which runs and hides”.

Until the dog and his new companion showed up a few months later, the neighbors built a new home for them. However, the couple falls asleep on the stairs and warms up by sleeping side by side.

“When they sleep together at night, they huddle together to keep warm”, one resident explained. “Perhaps they believe they have been in the same circumstances since they met on the street. They are aware of their differences but get along well and comfort each other”.