What a cute scene: the mom-to-be showed a touching moment when the dog shows interest in the baby

Cute dog shows she can’t wait to meet new family member.

A female dog named Symphony recently showed her owner that she can’t wait to meet a new family member. The video posted on TikTok on August 27 touched thousands of hearts.

The Dayna Renee Sauble house radiates love. A young mother witnessed her dog’s cute gesture. The latter, not without curiosity, sniffed the baby’s blanket.

Symphony also wagged his tail to express his excitement. Its owner affectionately pronounced the name Parker, which is nothing but the name of a newborn, and asked the animal, “Are you ready to meet your sister?”

Symphony continued to explore the woman’s belly with his muzzle. She then climbed on top of her and offered her some tender kisses. For the mother, there is no doubt that her friendly four-legged companion has made it clear that she is ready to accept her.

Once this first connection was established, the father returned to the room with the baby. The dog barely managed to contain her joy when she saw the little pink creature set up in the carrier. She pricked up her ears, wagged her tail, and walked across the seat.

At first glance, this smooth meeting started off well. Dayna Renee Sauble was especially touched when her partner called out her daughter’s name, and at the same time Symphony stared at her, according to the Daily Paws.

The birth of a new friendship

Throughout the video, the dog did not stop showing curiosity towards the newcomer. The couple warmly congratulated her on her very gentle behavior. “The symphony is my brainchild, and this meeting was so important to me,” said the mother.

She and her companion were seriously studying how best to give a dog to a newborn child. By first exposing it to the smell of an infant, the animal formed an association during face-to-face communication. There is no doubt that a wonderful friendship is being formed between Symphony and Parker.

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