What a beautiful sight: here is a unique and inimitable meeting of a golden retriever and a groundhog

The owner immortalized sweet moments and shared them on social networks.

Lauren Lind and her husband went to a park in Massachusetts with their golden retriever Wally. The dog swam in the lake to cool off. He and his family did not expect the groundhog to visit them.

Wally loves to swim. It is difficult to pull him out of the water once he jumps into the water. Lauren Lind likes to throw sticks at him or his own ball, which he gladly accepts.

But one day he laid ashore something completely different. Its owner saw a floating brown mass. At first, he thought it was a piece of wood, but was surprised to see the mysterious object jump onto his dog’s back.

It was a groundhog.

Lauren Lind told Dodo. ”My husband and I couldn’t believe it.” Wally didn’t seem to mind.

Much to the delight of this charming visitor, Wally loves making new friends. In addition to loving other animals, he is good with children. The host took pictures of these cute moments and shared them on social media, melting the hearts of netizens.

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