This seemed to lead to a better future: this dog followed the climbers for more than 5000 m

 This seemed to lead to a better future: this dog followed the climbers for more than 5000 m

A group of hikers forever changed the life of a stray dog.

Climbing the highest peak in Mexico, a group of tourists changed the life of a stray dog ​​forever. What would have happened to him if he had not been rescued?

This is the incredible story of Canelo. The dog was stuck on the Pico de Orizaba volcano at an altitude of about 5700 meters above sea level, between Veracruz and Puebla. The life of a four-legged wanderer was in danger in this isolated and especially steep area.

But in October 2021, the dog crossed paths with hikers it was following along the trail. Some even offered him something to eat, according to the Daily Mail.

However, on the way down, Canelo stayed behind, not afraid of snow and frost. Nobody saw him again.

After photos of the stray dog ​​were posted on social media, a rescue operation was launched. 2 people working at a local animal shelter crossed the road in their car hoping to get her back alive.

Faced with this setback, the duo turned to veteran rider Layo Aguilar for help. The latter managed to gather another 30 climbers, some of whom were still students. They were all determined to save the dog.

Luckily, rescuers ran into Canelo while climbing the volcano.

The emaciated dog naturally approached the tourist team who fed him. Layo Aguilar put it in a large backpack, which he carried on the way home, taking turns with two other friends.

After the trip was over, Layo drove him straight to the house, where he was met by his two dogs. Unable to take care of him, she entrusted Canelo to one of the local shelter volunteers. “I felt terrible when I said goodbye to him, he looked sad and angry, but it was in his favor. I couldn’t and shouldn’t have kept it to myself,” he said.