This kind and caring woman made it possible for her to live happily with a nervous illness

The woman decided to adopt 2 puppies with neurological disease.

When she learned that the two puppies she had just rescued had a rare neurological condition, the Texas mother realized they had little chance of finding a home. Hence his decision to accept them.

Not far from her home in Texas, Christie found two cubs abandoned with their mother. They were all in poor condition and covered in parasites.

The vet’s diagnosis fell like a knife. Two young dogs, whom Christy named Trimble and Twitch, had a cerebellar malformation (cerebellar hypoplasia).

An anomaly leading, in particular, to movement disorders. Which reduced their chances of finding a family to zero.

Christy didn’t hesitate. he decided to adopt them. Cerebellar hypoplasia or not, they had the right to life, like all their descendants. In fact, he notes that this disease is not accompanied by pain and does not affect the life expectancy of animals.

The family is tailored to the specific needs of Trimble and Twitch. At home, everyone tried to make life easier for themselves: tremors and coordination problems made it difficult to do more mundane things like drinking, eating and walking.

Twitch was easier to walk. Trimble needed a wheelchair and physical therapy sessions to strengthen his muscles and learn to coordinate his movements.

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