This is really interesting: this is the largest dog that is even hard to take for a walk

A large dog that weighs over 80 kg is only nine months old.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest dog in the world lives in Utah, USA. The large dog, which weighs over 80 kg and is over two meters tall, is only nine months old.

The dog’s name is Euphrates, and it belongs to a truly new breed that was bred in an attempt to revive a long-lost race that disappeared almost 7,000 years ago.

Despite the owner of the dog, a 41-year-old huge, powerful, muscular man, he is not able to lead the dog when walking on a leash due to the enormous strength and power of the dog. With all this, it is difficult for a huge, strong owner to breed the largest dog.

The Euphrates is so strong that it even causes the typical canine tail wagging.

In competitions against an adult female pit bull, the Euphrates always wins. The owner describes the Euphrates dog as a very friendly and kind dog who likes to behave attractively and shows exceptional tenderness towards women and children.

The dog is a wonderful friend. They are very friendly, kind and nice. Would you like to have a dog that is so big, cute and lovely?

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