This adorable squirrel survived the storm and couldn’t part with his soft toy even for a second

Gratefully, the minor animal was found by a kind lady and was saved.

As a cat lover, I kept thinking that there could be nothing more adorable than a feathered cat, but this adorable squirrel is just as fun to be around. Everyone, meet Jill!

Jill looked like a week or two when Typhoon Isaac hit Louisiana in 2012.

Luckily, the young animal was found by a kind woman who took care of him and changed him so that he would make a full recovery.

Now the life of the 7-year-old squirrel has changed significantly.

She decided not to return to the wild, but to stay with the individuals that kept her alive.

Over 630,000 people follow her every move on Instagram and it just isn’t enough for them.

The cute squirrel spends his days posing and relaxing.

And trust me, he cherishes everything else. Jill does have her own exclusive rights to the tiny teddy bear and she can’t relax without it. Needless to say, the internet loves the adorable duo.

As you probably guessed, her mother loves her too and she took Jill in for herself.

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