She always wanted a big cat: this couple took care of a cougar and loved it as a pet cat

 She always wanted a big cat: this couple took care of a cougar and loved it as a pet cat

He’d always wanted to own a huge cat, and he’d finally gotten his desire.

He always wanted a huge cat, and finally his wish came true.

Some people dream of finding the cutest dog and bringing him home.

As children, we wanted lions and tigers, but as we grow older, we understand that we must be content with a German shepherd.

When Alexander and Maria Dmitriev adopted a real cougar, they were able to fulfill their childhood goal.

Even though cougars aren’t actually domesticated, Messi’s cougar has been living in his Russian since 2016.

Cougars can be taught to love, but they cannot be tamed.

Cougars, along with a number of other exotic feline species, have been recognized as pets by animal scientists.

These wild cats can get used to their owners and adopt a friendly disposition, but according to experts, they will never become domesticated like regular domestic cats.

Messi has an interesting history.

He was a purebred litter when he was born at the Saransk Zoo in Penza along with his brothers Suarez and Neymar.

He also had serious health problems that prevented him from living in a wildlife sanctuary or even a zoo. With the exception of wild releases, they are not native to Russia.

Messi will have to grow up in captivity because he cannot survive in the wild.

Due to the lack of other options, the zoo owners decided to euthanize Messi. But then there were Alexander and Maria. Maria always wanted to have a huge cat as a pet.

When the couple saw Messi, it was love at first sight. When they became aware of Messi’s plight, they began to consider adopting him as their own.