Funny scene: this cat didn’t like any toys but immediately fell in love with a small toy jeep

Frank the kitten didn’t like toys until his owner bought him the ideal toy.

The look on the cat’s face, which seemed to dislike toys at all until his parents gave him a cardboard car, is priceless.

One thing all cat owners can agree on is that cats will absolutely ignore anything you give them, no matter how much money you spend on toys or bedding.

Even if they have the most advanced feline technology at home, chances are they would rather spend their time in just a cardboard box.

Cats are so simple, innocent and cute. They end up completely capturing our hearts with their cute growls, somewhat unsettling nature and cunning.

Kitten Frank was no exception until his owner bought him the perfect toy.

Frankie was adopted by Ben Vroomans two years ago. From the very beginning, he recognized the true uniqueness of his pet and worked hard to earn his trust.

Frank had a hard time trusting people because he lived on the street for a long time. And that is not all. Only God knows how much doubt, hunger and destruction he had to endure before he could trust other people again.

Fortunately, he ended up in a kind, patient family. Over time, Ben learned to win a cat’s heart, leaving him personal space.

Even though I still can’t get a hold of him, he suddenly becomes really attractive. He always follows me.

Ben bought several cat toys, but his cat refused every one of them. The only thing that caught his attention in the house was a small toy cardboard sofa.

“This is not a puppet cat. He considers himself above such childish antics”, Ben said.

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