Funny scene: this baby gorilla is just enjoying the shower and dancing non-stop under the water

This gorilla only needs that blue pool enjoy the water.

When the animals are out of sight of tourists, the zoo makes sure that they spend their time improving themselves by practicing various activity techniques.

“By providing mental and physical stimulation to encourage natural activity, enrichment helps improve the environment and the lives of animals like Zola.

All Zola needs is this blue pool to relax and enjoy the thrill of clapping, splashing in the water and dancing like no one is watching.

When it comes into contact with water, it will go into Full Flashdance, or better yet, Splashdance, spraying water all over its body.

Despite the hot summer months, swimming in the pool is the best way to recharge your batteries and restore vitality.

He is having a great time and acting like he is in his home environment.

Zola is a consummate break dancer who hits the “dance floor” anytime there is water nearby, be it rain or splash.

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