Funny scene: people were attracted by the shot where the rabbit steals the snowman’s carrot nose

This wasn’t the first time a bunny leaves the snowman without a nose.

It’s winter now, so snowmen are everywhere, and it turns out that not only children, but also other cute animals, such as deer and bunnies, are happy to see them.

Only the point of view differs, because these confused people are loved for their charming orange noses, and not for the amount of snow they are made of. After all, who can blame them?

So when a family from the Cambrian Heights region of Calgary, Canada built a snowman in front of their house, they assumed the sun would be its only enemy, but they were totally wrong.

It wasn’t long before the cute little thing found the Bryant family’s snowman and chewed off its nose.

However, the Bryants had no idea that this little movie would get so much attention on the internet, but it quickly became the talk of the town when Sheila Bryant uploaded it and viewers fell in love with this fabulous moment.

Apparently, this is not the first time that a rabbit has attacked a defenseless snowman in order to leave him without a nose. It happens so often that people even wrote a poem about it.

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