Cute scene: this little kid was scared of the vacuum cleaner and ran to his beloved dog for protection

No one won’t find a better pair than this small baby and this caring dog.

Finding an explanation for the special connection that exists between our four-legged pets and our children is extremely difficult. I’m not sure if it’s because dogs have overdeveloped protective instincts towards small children, or because children let them do whatever they want.

Whatever it is, one thing is certain. every time we witness such friendship, our hearts melt. And the little girl and her protector Husky, as seen in the video below, are no exception.

Young children usually love vacuum cleaners because the sound they make calms them down. However, in this case the situation is polar opposite.

When a pretty girl goes to her father, the vacuum cleaner suddenly turns on. The next thing you know, an 11-month-old baby flinches at a loud bang and rolls over. But now it’s time for something touching.

We might expect the little girl to call her mother, but instead she hurries to hug her dog sitting in the corner. A girl feels more secure than ever with her little brother by her side.

Her older brother, on the other hand, keeps his cool and shows his overprotectiveness.

It’s amazing to see how much this young lady trusts her canine companion to keep her safe.

There must be some connection between them. The amazing footage once again shows just how dependable dogs can be in any scenario.

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