The horse always touches the belly of the pregnant woman

The horse pushes her nose against the pregnant woman’s belly to feel baby bumps. Animals show interest in their pregnant owners. Dogs and cats love to touch owner’s belly and feel their future friend. But not every horse will show such interest. A woman will soon become a mother. As Megan approaches the horse, she […]Read More


Incredible scene: a goat and a rooster try to save

It’s a rare thing to see how different animals like goat and rooster save chicken’s live. We have seen various stories of animals risking their lives to save their owners. Let’s see how animals can be heroes, for example, goats and roosters. These friends proved that friendship has no boundaries. Chicken, goat and rooster can […]Read More


The Bengal tiger was orphaned but he finds a wonderful

The story of this Bengal tiger and a puppy is a wonderful example of friendship. The company has no boundaries by age, nationality or race. We have more in common than differences, no matter how different we may be. The story of Hunter-a tiger, and Chelsea-a puppy, is a perfect example. Hunter and Chelsea’s age […]Read More


An interesting story: a cat showed that he does not

The appearance of a newborn changes the life of not only his parents, but also pet. In any case, this cat was not at all ready to meet the newborn. Sunny the cat has spent more than half of his life in a shelter, waiting for a loving family to take him home. “As soon […]Read More


This old dog becomes a great companion for the sightless

Touching care helped the dog learn to live without sight. A retired dog therapist was the best friend for dog who has lost his eyes. Amos-a dog, was born in a shelter. His mother was taken off the street shortly before giving birth. The blind pup won the hearts of the shelter staff. Jess Martin […]Read More


This dachshund wanted to have a good family and finally

For months, no one wanted to adopt the dachshund but finally he has family. No one adopt the dog from the shelter. The dog’s name was Duke. All this is due to external features, because the dog was born an albino. The dog is white, even nose is pink. The dog has serious visual and […]Read More


This wonderful dog, who was born with black mark on

A golden retriever named Enzo has become a real star due to unique face. The dog was born with a mutation. That’s how he captivated the audience. Usually golden retrievers can be gold or cream. Enzo is not like all retrievers. There is a dark spot on the muzzle. People have always been known for […]Read More


It was a really unexpected surprise for the tourist when

It was unexpected for a tourist to see the cheetah so close. Cats are the most beautiful representatives of the animal world. But there is a difference between a small kitten and big cheetah. This meeting took place in the Masai Mara, Kenya. A cheetah jumped into a jeep next to tourist Mickey McCaldin. In […]Read More