Touching moment: this driver immediately burst into tears when, after months, he finally found his cat

Trucker finally reunites with his lost cat.

When he reunites with his lost cat, the truck driver can’t stop crying. Matthew and Ashes are back together and happy. After months of searching, trucker Matthew B couldn’t help but cry when he rediscovered his beloved cat, Ashes.

Ever since their paths crossed, Matthew and Ashes have traveled together. Ashes was his co-worker and they never broke up until last July, when a cat accidentally escaped from a truck while it was parked in Springfield, Ohio.

Matthew was devastated and looked everywhere for his best friend. He drove around the area many times without success, he was so heartbroken that he had to get back on the road, but he knew he had to. Over the next few months, Matthew changed routes several times to return to the same location in search of Ashes.

One day, Kimberly T. and her friend arrived at the same stop on their way to New York. Something caught her attention as she was about to get back into the car. A skinny, hungry cat crawled out of the bush looking for attention.

She took the cat and carried it to the car to keep warm because no one had come for her for some time. He needed a lot of attention as well as a vet check. Kimberly took him to New York because she knew a place where they could help him.

They took him to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport-based animal welfare organization, who welcomed him with open arms. According to a spokesperson for the organization, “What Kimberly didn’t understand was that this cat was bigger than any other cat; he was an experienced traveller. As is the case with all arriving pets, our admissions team immediately scanned the microchip.

They dialed the number listed in the registration information and hoped the owner would answer, which he did. Matthew, who was at that time in Arkansas, was completely stunned.

He told Lollypop Farm employees:

“Every day I thought about Ashes”. Matthew immediately changed his itinerary and went to New York. Ashes received the necessary veterinary care and put on some weight in anticipation of a reunion date.

Matthew whimpered, rubbed his head against Ashes’s, and hugged him tightly. In Matthew’s words, “It’s a Christmas miracle for me”.

Lollypop Farm staff stated:

“Ashes and Matthew had a close relationship before they parted ways, and Matthew claims he’s even closer now”.

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