What a cute story: a wild coyote found some ivy toy and acts like a little puppy

The photographer took a picture of a coyote doing something like a dog.

The coyote ran into the yard and examined the toy left in the snow. The beauty of the game is what she managed to capture on film. Pamela Underhill Karaz, a photographer based in Trenton Falls, New York, sees wildlife on her acre of rural property on a regular basis. Coyotes are one of the animals she sees. Pamela had a magical experience a few years ago when she photographed a coyote doing something very much like a dog.

One morning, photographer Karaz spotted a coyote in her backyard.

“He sniffed it, carefully picked it up, and then started playing with it, tossing it high in the air, throwing it around, obviously enjoying it,” says Pamela.

“It was clear that the coyote did not consider this toy to be prey; he did not pick it up to see if it came to life, and it did not smell like an animal … It only had the saliva of our dogs on it, and, as someone once suggested, it could smell of fun”, wrote Pamela.

“Watching his actions, I have no doubt that it was all a game, yes, even wild coyotes need to play and enjoy it, like all animals in the animal kingdom…”, said Pamela.

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