Gorgeous moment caught on camera: a wild stallion could save a filly that ended up in the water

Wild horse demonstrates that animals can be compassionate too.

A wild stallion saves an inexperienced foal from drowning while crossing a river in this touching moment. The amazing incident took place in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest and was captured on camera by a park service volunteer named Becky Standridge. The wild horse demonstrated that animals, too, can be compassionate and selfless.

Champ, a wild stallion, and his family were eating on the banks of the Salt River when another group of horses appeared on the opposite bank. Among the other group were two playful young horses. Champ and several of his horses were intrigued by them and decided to cross the river to meet them.

However, the current of the river was too strong for the young filly. She was swallowed up by the raging river in a matter of seconds and swam to the surface in a panic. Luckily, Champ was there to save her. He tried to grab her by the back, holding her gently and protecting her until she reached the other side of the river and went straight to her mother. Champ then returned to his family and the herd moved on.

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