Amazing story: this kind blind and deaf dog is able to calm any animal that his owner brings home

This dog has gained notoriety for consoling rescued animals who visit his home.

You no doubt already know that dogs are incredible creatures. However, they never cease to amaze us with their kindness, loyalty and joy that they bring into our lives.

We just have to take care of them and treat them well in return. Cheryl Smith has been doing the same for years.

She dedicated her life to helping sick, neglected and abandoned animals find a loving home.

This is how she met her dog Shiro, who is famous for comforting rescued animals that come to his house.

After a long search for a permanent home, Shiro was adopted two years ago. The adorable dog, partially blind and deaf, has spent time with 12 foster families as well as two shelters.

He was also brought back after being adopted four times.

But after meeting Smith, his life changed forever. She decided to adopt Shiro after realizing how much he needed a home.

Shiro had experienced so many rejections that it bothered him a lot. He always cries when we leave in the car, because he is afraid that he will be left again.

Shiro helped Smith take care of the extra foster animals, even though it was a little difficult for him.

Until they find a permanent home, the puppy does its best to make newcomers feel at ease and welcome.

Shiro recently befriended a kitten named Tiny Tolly. When Smith saw that the cat was sick and weighed little, he decided to save him.

Shiro has been by his side since the kitten entered the house.

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