Amazing story: this caring dog went to school every day to help students not worry about the epidemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of stress, especially in schools.

Buddy, a therapy dog, has joined the staff at a school in Bedford, UK.  Help students get rid of anxiety.

“We are seeing more problem children because of the pandemic,” Nick Mound said. The teacher decided to name his faithful four-legged companion Buddy.

The Labrador Retriever works 3 days a week at Castle Newnham School in Bedford with students aged 9 to 16. The charming sand-colored animal has a calming effect.

He is someone who doesn’t judge, someone they can walk around with and divert attention if they’re worried because it can distract them from a difficult situation.

Buddy became the sunshine for the kids. His kindness and calmness help them feel less stressed.

In March 2020, the school was closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. For this reason, visits were discontinued. When it reopened, Principal Ruth Wilkes let him back in.

Given the positive results she has seen, she plans to bring in a sister dog, 16-week-old Bella. The whole family appreciates the process.

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