Amazing story: these 2 police officers did the most necessary for a dog and her puppies left in an abandoned house

2 police officers rescued a dog and her 2 cubs living in an abandoned house.

This operation turned out to be much more than a simple rescue…

This is the story that warms our hearts. On December 26, 2021, 2 Detroit police officers responded to the call of a dog standing near an abandoned house.

When they arrived, Gabriel Rogers and Hussein Qurani noticed that the animal was frightened.

After stuffing her stomach with a few treats, they gradually gained her trust. According to Newsweek, the dog quickly let them into the house. Inside, colleagues saw a worse scene than expected.

Luckily, a small ball of fur stuck in the spring was saved. However, during the maneuver, rescuers found another small dog in the mattress corridor. He also got out safely.

After this rescue, the rescue service took care of the mother and her puppies.

After her recovery, she will be offered for adoption. As for her babies, they also receive help, in particular, for a hernia found in a male.

2 heroes fell in love with these adorable creatures.

They will soon find their new home where they are sure to thrive. We also hope that their mother will soon find a loving home forever.

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