Amazing story: all shops in Thailand leave their doors open so they help dogs and cats in the heat

It’s great that caring people keep their shop doors open for stray animals.

Spring has come, and summer is already in full swing. However, for countries like Thailand, it doesn’t end there and is rather disgusting. If you are not tourists from the north, longing for the warm sea and the sun, but local homeless animals who do not have an air-conditioned home.

The editors were touched by the compassion of some shop owners to somehow help the animals exhausted by the heat.

There is such a rule: “hold your hand for 5 seconds” – if it’s hot outside, sit down and put your palm on the asphalt or concrete, but not in the shade, but in the sun. If you can hold it for 5 seconds or more without discomfort, then the paws of a dog or cat can run on this surface.

Otherwise, burns and severe pain. And now in Thailand, even such a reception is not needed to understand. The heat creates many problems for homeless animals. The temperature no longer drops below 38-39 degrees, which, frankly, is a lot.

Therefore, it is not surprising that dogs and cats are looking for a source of coolness. The most ordinary, air-conditioned stores and local merchants, out of the kindness of their hearts, began to open their doors. Not so much energy wasted, and the flow of invigorating cool air will alleviate the fate of four-legged animals.

Someone lets them in, but these are isolated cases. However, we are not talking about pets, and it is not worth risking the sanitation of outlets.

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