A wonderful story: this lonely rescued cat bonds with the family dog and they become inseparable

The dog now considers a kitten that was saved from the street to be his best friend.

This cat is a small creature that is not afraid of anything, not even a big dog which is ten years old and lives with his new family.

The adorable bear picked up the pair in High Point, North Carolina. On Instagram, they found out that the kitten is looking for a home, and it is possible that they adopted him.

Sparkle Cat Rescue rescuers found a fluffy baby and temporarily took him to her.

They watched him until he stabilized and was able to run, jump and play uncontrollably in his makeshift room. They decided it was time to find him a new family when they noticed his attitude.

At this point, Kelsey and Casey discovered him on social media and instantly fell in love. They came and took him home. The kitten was very happy that he had a new home and, more importantly, a furry friend.

“Despite his small size, the Bear is not afraid. He quickly ran up to Riley (the dog) and began to pinch his ears”. Kelsey noticed.

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