A comfortable place to sleep: this dog decided to sleep on the bride’s dress during the wedding ceremony

During the wedding a dog has chosen a very surprising place to take a nap.

A dog attending his owner’s wedding chose a very unexpected place to sleep. A scene that could not help but make the guests laugh, who were also touched by the dog’s affection and devotion.

To say that Hank Sharpay adores his mistress is an understatement. The dog follows her everywhere and even became the best friend of her future husband.

Amanda Marquez, 29, is a nurse based in Seattle, Washington, Northwest USA. In September 2021, she and 31-year-old Michael Schwartz got married after they had to postpone the ceremony due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So they were able to celebrate their union at the property of Michael Schwartz’s parents on the shores of Lake Cache, back in Washington state. It was there that he proposed to her.

However, the dog seemed somewhat agitated. He clearly wanted to be released. Amanda Marquez noticed this and quietly asked her father to let him go, which he did.

Shar-Pei then decided to let herself slip into Morpheus’ arms.

He didn’t sleep anywhere. He preferred to lie in the train and in the veil of his mistress.

The audience was both surprised and moved by this scene. Some even laughed, including the groom.

Amanda Marquez’s father-in-law tried to carefully remove the four-legged friend, but he was not going to leave his new bed. The man had no choice but to give up. In fact, no one really wanted to disturb Hank in his sleep.

“He is our child because we do not have him. He has a very funny personality and is great,” his owner told Wales Online.

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