This cute baby sees very poorly: this is what happens when this child puts glasses

 This cute baby sees very poorly: this is what happens when this child puts glasses

Summing up with his smile, Christian likes what he sees.

He could never see normally, and from birth he had serious vision problems. Even in childhood, he could not see normally.

But his parents had doubts early, and after visiting the optometrist they were able to confirm their doubts. Christian needed glasses.

The only problem is that glasses are not intended for children such as Christian, although they can often have the same vision problems as adults. In addition, their eyes are not yet fully formed, so their glasses must often be corrected. But, in turn, children have a chance to overcome the problems associated with vision and have almost or completely correct vision with age.

But until then they can depend on glasses, like everyone else who has this problem.

That is why young children cannot wear ordinary glasses. They are too massive and fall. In the worst case, they can be crushed and the child can be damaged.

Therefore, Christian’s parents specially made soft plastic glasses. The glasses are made so that they do not fall when Christian vibrates on the floor.

The question is how to react Christian?

At first, he was not delighted with his glasses and stubbornly resisted. Until he put them on and understood that he could suddenly see his environment in a completely different way than before. He could see!

There were so many things that Christian could never feel because of poor vision. With his glasses, he began a completely different life, and his parents were able to show him that he had never been a witness. This is very important for the correct growth of children.

Now Christian is like most children and do not against wearing glasses. Now he sees the environment, and, drawing a conclusion by his smile, he likes what he sees.

Below you can see an exciting answer when Christian was able to see normally for the first time.