«His act is worthy of respect»: a good Brazilian dentist treats people’s teeth for free, traveling around the world

He intended to bring peoples’ smiles back by making them confident and happy.

Get to know Felipe Rossi, a young dentist from Brazil, who decided to devote himself to auxiliary work.

In 2016, together with his colleagues and partners, he founded the NGO Por1sorriso public organization, the main purpose of which is to help poor residents with health problems in the field of dentistry.

Their center does not have a permanent address, the fact is that doctors drove so often to cure as many people as possible.

The team intended to return the smiles to people, making them confident and happy.

Terry Rimmer was patient Felipe Rossi and decided to share her touching story.

So, the woman lost her teeth due to pernicious stress, having lost her loved one.

She was closed and suppressed for a permanent time.

The loss of teeth led not only to difficulties in communicating with others but also to the fact that she could not chew normally.

The treatment procedure was long and painful, but everything worked out. The dentist returned to her a former smile and self-confidence.

She is just an example of thousands of patients Felipe, who have absolutely healthy teeth and confident smiles.

The peculiarity of his treatment is that he provides real assistance to people who do not have the opportunity.

His motive in life is its happy patients.

That’s why he behaves like that. The good news is also that about 4,500 volunteers have already joined his team to support those in need for free.

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