«Act of the couple changed three destinies»: a kind couple gave three little brothers an eternal house

They believed that it was very important for sweet brothers to live together.

This couple decided to get married and create their sweet family.

Lena and Kay See dreamed of having children and together experiencing complete family happiness.

Firstly, these spouses from Massachusetts met little Joey when he was only 18 months old.

They met him at an event organized by the initiation «Children’s Friend».

Employees of the non-governmental organization also thought that they were ideal for a sweet child, and they told them about it.

So, they immediately adopted Joey, who was the eldest of his brothers.

Then the sweet boy was already 2 years old, and a year later they adopted his next brother.

This time, a kind-hearted couple brought to their family a sweet one-year-old Noah on a national adoption day.

Initially, the foster spouses wanted to adopt a 2-year-old Logan, but something in the family went wrong.

So, the caring couple again agreed to bring a sweet boy into her family.

Experts in this area also assured the importance of their idea that allows you to speed up the process.

So, a caring couple is looking forward to new unforgettable memories and pleasure in how three children grow together.

They are great, right?

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