”You won’t envy your parents”: Naomi Watt’s son showed up to the prom in a dress and heels

Actress Naomi Watt is married to actor Liev Schreiber, whom we all remember from the films ”Wolverine”. Parents are raising a son, who, at his young age, has already become quite popular and constantly gets on the covers of glossy magazines.

Samuel often goes in bright outfits. At his graduation party at school, the boy came in a dress, put on heels. Fans of the actors were shocked, very surprised: ”Are American children all like that?”.

Fans expressed great criticism of the guy: ”Liv needs a monument to be erected,” ”You won’t envy your parents,” ”What kind of father?”.

”Stop the Earth”, ”This is his choice, you need to respect it, including parents”, ”No one should care about his choice”, ”He chose it himself!”.

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