”Years pass, but he does not grow old”: fans were amazed by seeing fresh footage of 58-year-old Pitt

Brad Pitt is an incredibly famous actor, whom you could see in many films: ”The Lost City”, ”Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, ”To the Stars”, he played quite a lot of different roles.

Of course, the actor has a lot of fans around the world – now he is already fifty-eight and it seems that falling in love with a man of that age is already a bit strange.

However, paparazzi can please fans of the actor by the fact that the man looks good enough, especially for his age. In recent photos, he is walking along sunny streets in a light green shirt and ordinary jeans.

Many fans wrote under these photos in various fan groups that the actor looks very good. But there were also those who did not like Pitt’s appearance at all – they thought he looked old.

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