Wrinkles, gray hair: What celebrities will look like in 40 years

No one in the world will be able to stay forever young, because the years go by and we are clearly not getting younger, on the contrary, wrinkles, gray hair and other delights of mature life appear over the years. Although it should be noted high-class technologies in cosmetology that help maintain freshness and beauty. But for all its coolness, cosmetology cannot guarantee ideal results! Because at twenty we won’t be able to look good anyway. Although it is easier for celebrities in this regard, they have the financial ability to use these services, unlike ordinary people.

Someone decided to see how some celebrities would look like in 30-40 years and with the help of artificial intelligence, that is, applications, they were able to do it. I wonder if famous stars will look like this after many years?

Robert Pattison

Lady Gaga

Salma Hayek


Chris Evans

Margo Robby

Kim Kardashyan

Selena Gomez

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