Would you like to live here? In this house there is everything you need for a comfortable life

In this house you can also escape from noise and gray city life.

Any citizen would like to have a cozy house in a picturesque place.

The Swiss company The Little Log Organization has just decided to create a cozy and wonderful house that is suitable for everyone.

This is a log house of only 27 square meters, as you see in these photos.

In the dining room and chairs made of natural wood.

In addition, a large chandelier hanging above the table is an important element of design.

Behind the kitchen is a bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

As you can see, a wooden and narrow staircase leads to the second floor.

There are two bedrooms, one of which is more than the other.

She had a double bed, a sofa and a closet. There is also an exit to the balcony.

Moreover, the smallest is quite convenient and well constructed.

The construction company specializes in unique wooden houses.

Thus, houses can also be changed in accordance with the wishes and requirements of customers.

There you can also get together with friends.

In these houses you can also escape from the noise of traffic jams and gray city life and completely relax.

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