Wonderful care: this kind dog began to take care of the little cat with great affection

The dog carries the cat by the skin of its back, just like she does with her own puppies.

Due to the fact that the Doberman is considered cruel and even vicious, this is a dog breed that is unfairly vilified. But like all dogs, they can turn into the most beautiful creatures on earth with a little time, love and patience.

If they’re still unconvinced, we’ll take Ruby’s case. Brittany Callan’s six Doberman Pinschers adopted an orphan puppy with a big heart at their home in the US.

A wife found a cat at her husband’s work about a week ago. She drove her home because she realized she couldn’t leave her there and wanted her to be safe.

Ruby was now raising a litter of six babies she had just given birth to.

Speaking of her dog, Brittany said, ”I set out to be a mother to any animal.” The dog used to tolerate a variety of creatures, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, and ducks.

This led Brittany to believe that Ruby would eventually take care of the cat. The cat finally latched on to one of Ruby’s breasts after several attempts to establish a trusting relationship between them, and the magic was created.

Ruby’s milk meets most of a kitten’s nutritional needs during the first three to four weeks of life.

To make up for her lack of nutrition, her mother also gave her formula and supplements. And it seems to work. In just a week after she started feeding Ruby, kitten Ramblin Rose gained 80 grams.

The dog carries the cat by the skin on his back like his own kittens, as if maternal instinct is not enough.

Brittany noticed. “She worries about him more than about her children”. Because the kitten interferes with the woman’s other dogs, she doesn’t want to leave him. So she will give it to a friend.

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