Women are jealous, and men drool. What does the famous Croatian model with the perfect figure look like now?

A 33-year-old resident of Croatia, Bozhena Abrilich, became known throughout the world as M/sv Vo. The pictures, which clearly show her perfect shape, spread across the Web, and she became a recognizable person.

However, more information about the beauty is unknown. She runs her blog on Instagram, where she shares exclusively her photos.

Bozhena has an ideal appearance and figure: a thin waist, curvy hips and slender legs. Her figure can be called pear-shaped, because this is the standard shape.

”How beautiful you are,” ”I have not seen girls more perfect,” ”You are alive in general, as if from a fairy tale,” fans note under her photos.

At the same time, the girls look equally piquant in all the frames, no matter what clothes she is wearing.

In addition, the model travels a lot, and shows her attractive body against the backdrop of beautiful views.

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