Without cosmetics: one of the famous models proudly demonstrated its natural beauty

Here is a beauty shake without makeup and filters and this is how she looks.

It is unnecessary to mention that Shake is one of the most beautiful, charming and desired models of our time, and she recently proved that she really deserves this title, sharing a “honest” photo in which proudly demonstrates itself without a gram of makeup.

Many are of the opinion that the unearthly beauty and attractiveness of fashion models are exclusively the merit of the work of stylists and makeup artists. Although partly this is true, since before going to the podium or the appearance on the red carpet a number of professionals do their job, today’s model clearly showed that it is absolutely beautiful even without all preparation.

In the photographs that she shared, the Russian star did not apply makeup and did not put her hair in any way. Nevertheless, a cult diva, as always, looked fantastic.

No one could remain indifferent to her natural beauty. “What a stunning and feminine she is,“ as always perfect ”,“ Wow, Irina! ”,“ Completely natural beauty! ” But the model has its own secrets of impeccable appearance. For example, she applies to the lips of the eyelid cream, claiming that instead of lip gloss, he makes them much better and more suppurate.

Do you think Irina is naturally beautiful? Share your opinion!

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