Who would expect such a thing: this woman, who was being followed, approaches a stranger and asks for help

There is always an aching anxiety that you can be in danger at any time.

It is not surprising that being a woman is difficult. This is especially true when the lady comes out one night.

There is always aching anxiety and paranoia that you may be in danger at any time.

This is wrong, but this happens, and this is a terrifying truth.

But sometimes you get into such circumstances, and you have to think on the go and even make some nasty things to get out of them.

When this frightened woman noticed that three strange men on the street really follow, she decided to approach and hug a random man.

He realized what was happening and led her home.

Dane Weeks is the name of an unexpected person who ultimately saved her.

He was already on the way to a friend’s house in New York when an incident occurred.

This strange woman suddenly approached him, hugged him and muttered something in his ear.

«Please behave as if you know me, three guys are watching me for some time», she said.

They exchanged contact information, and he promised to spend her home at any time when she needed it.

He later provided updated information, saying that he had talked with a woman again, and she could not thank him.

She claimed that three men on the train looked at her and that when she left the train, they also looked.

They pursued her in the area, and she even tried to stop them, entering the store.

So, with three guys pursuing her, was she safe, approaching and hugging another stranger?

Weeks’ smile, of course, made her feel it. He even met with a five-year-old child of a woman.

It is sad that such things are happening at all. But it’s nice to realize that there are decent people like Dane Weeks.

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