What lovely kids they were: the utterly unique triplets from Dublin are 34 years old

This is what the unique triplets from Dublin look like, they are already 34.

These unique and beautiful triplets were born in Dublin. In fact, they look the same and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.

Charming sisters Nicola, Laura and Alison looked even more beautiful and unique when the girls grew up. Therefore, many modeling agencies became interested in them, periodically inviting the sisters to photo shoots. But since the parents wished their daughters a carefree and happy childhood, they were categorically against it.

When the wonderful triplets grew up, the girls decided to try their hand at modeling. The sisters started earning a lot of money when they were only 16 years old.

Their main uniqueness was that they looked exactly the same, which is why many modeling agencies were willing to work with girls. They were sure that these unique triplets would attract people.

The most amazing thing is that the triplets not only look alike, but also lead the same lifestyle.

The sisters wake up at the same time. They eat the same food and do exactly the same physical exercises.

The triplets share the same stylist, beautician, and makeup artist, so they look the same most of the time.

They are not embarrassed by the fact that they look the same and that people do not even notice the differences between them.

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