What jeans that received a million likes in an hour look like

The popular Spanish singer Rosalia on Instagram is rightfully considered the leader of opinions among followers. Her album ”El mal querida” has sold millions of copies in Spain and abroad, it is called the musical event of the decade, and in the number of views on YouTube, she is second only to Con Calma and Daddy Yankee.

It is worth noting the fashion images of the singer, the bright Latin American beauty attracts the attention of the world media with her exclusive “bows”. The fact is that the sister of the performer, Pilar, is a professional stylist, hence Rosalia has such an original and thoughtful wardrobe.

Here is the last publication in the star’s account, in just a few hours, has collected almost one and a half million approving marks.


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Публикация от LA ROSALÍA (@rosalia.vt)

The pop diva shared footage from her trip to Mexico, while there is no information about the purpose of her trip, but fans are closely following her movements through the networks. A series of pictures of Rosalia was taken at one of the parties in Mexico City, on which the performer clearly demonstrated that you can remain a “hot thing” not only in skimpy outfits.

The sultry beauty chose a very discreet retro look for the exit. The sand-colored loose-fitting suit belongs to the designer brand Jean Paul Gaultier. Of particular interest to the subscribers were the original trousers, combined with extensive inserts of blue denim.

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