What Hairstylist Does After Cutting Hair. How Can Your Hair Bring Money To The Artist Twice.

If you love your work, every detail of it will inspire you do crazy things.

After cutting the customers’ hair, hairstylists do not like gathering the hair from the floor. One of the best hairstylists in the world has found a solution to it. He started to the hair he cut as a material for creating masterpieces.

He works at a salon. He got his fame from the instagram. He just posted his paintings made of the hair he had cut. He creates them right on the floor.

One may think that this talented hairstylist can’t get the exact picture but his talent and patience let him do the impossible.  Before the pictures on the floor he was known for amazing pictures on the heads of the customers. He made during doing haircuts.

He became prominent via Chinese version of Twitter, that is Weibo. He just posted the photos of his works but then he posted more distinguishing works on the instagram.

His masterpieces aren’t created easily as hair is very light and working with it is very complicated. He uses just hands and cards.

Now he has more than 15k followers. His fans are astonished with his works and his price list has rapidly rising.

Is it important to you to get your hair done by the one of the most famous hairstylists in your country? How much are you ready to pay for having your hair cut?

Source: Lemurov

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