What does Pierre Richard’s wife, who is 30 years younger than him, look like?

There is an opinion that this French actor is more famous in Russia than in his homeland. Many women loved this handsome man, but he gave his heart to only two women.

He has starred in almost all French films, these films earned millions of views. The audience dreamed of marrying him
But Pierre himself said that he had no plans to start a family. But his life had another plan for him and soon he met his future wife.

Richard linked his life with the ballerina Daniel Minatsoli. Two sons were born from the couple. After a while, Pierre and Daniel broke up, and the actor again became an enviable fiancé. Any woman could fell into his arms, because he had a great sense of humour.

Pierre managed to become happy again, he fell in love with a model named Sale.
According to him, it was she who repelled the desire to turn attention to other women. They got married and still are happy.

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